Nebraska HIMSS President's Message

Welcome to Nebraska HIMSS!

Perhaps you're a long-term member, perhaps you're brand new to the chapter, perhaps you're just visitng from another chapter.... Regardless of your previous involvement, knowledge of HIMSS, or location, we're happy you're here.

There's a common misconception that HIMSS is only for IT professionals, though Health IT is our passion, we need more people in the conversation! At Nebraska HIMSS we are extremely proud of the diverse group of professionals our members make up. On top of a healthy group of Health IT rockstars we are also proud to reflect large numbers of nurses, other clinical staff, management, and senior healthcare executives.

The resulting effect of this diverse group is deeply engaging conversations from multiple vantage points, extended networking opportunites amongst wide spheres of influence, and an abundance of subject matter experts volunteering time to speak and educate.I highly encourage you to engage in Nebraska HIMSS communications, networking events, and educational opportunities.

To stay in the know, follow us on social media, email us directly, or catch us at a meeting (when we do those in person again one day hopefully). We want to get to know you and we're pretty sure you'll think we're worth hanging out with.

Looking forward to meeting you in person or in "virtual",



Shawntea (Taya) Moheiser

Chapter President